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Multi-piece Crankshafts

Panther’s thriving business began with the design, development and manufacture of various multi-piece crankshafts for a wide variety of high volume, consumer targeted, hand-held lawn and garden products. These multi-piece crankshafts have the advantages of robust construction with low cost materials and low cost labor for assembly.

Panther multi-piece crankshafts, both in the half-crank and full-crank varieties and including connecting rod installation, are installed in millions of engines every year. Our multi-piece crankshafts are installed in chainsaws, line trimmers, leaf blowers, hedgers and edgers. Panther continuously works with our customers on the design and development of new multi-piece crankshafts for new engine projects.

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Forged Crankshafts

Panther’s presence in China enabled an entry into the manufacture of forged crankshafts for high-end consumer and professional products, such as chainsaws, line trimmers and blowers. Our strong design and manufacturing capabilities and attention to extremely tight tolerances make forged crankshafts a natural fit for our product lines. We are growing our forged crankshaft offerings very quickly.

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Connecting Rods

Panther’s line of forged steel and aluminum connecting rods includes the installation of bearings to the connecting rods. While many of these connecting rods are assembled into the crankshafts that we produce, some are also sold as end-items for installation at our customer locations.

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Other Products

Panther Global Technologies’ low-cost, high quality assembly capabilities enabled the introduction of several new and exciting products for customers in diverse industries.

Medical oxygen regulators represent an excellent example of a new product line, for which Panther purchases the key components, performs critical quality incoming inspections and assembles the final products for the industry.

We anticipate significant growth and diversification of our product lines in the areas of low-cost, high quality assembly of various products.

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